An Experiential Way to Teach the Fundamentals of Energy Technologies and Management

ENSI is a simple, exciting and easy-to-use energy generation and trading simulation that introduces students and employees to fundamental energy concepts.

Students and employees in entry-level energy career can now experience what itʼs like to manage a power plant
and trade an electricity in market.

Simulation Specifications


In ENSI, installed capacity, efficiency and cost of power plants change due to daily environmental and technical reasons.

Market Access

ENSI allows players to make daily energy production and deal price decisions in energy market.

OTC Trading

ENSI players can buy and sell electricity in OTC Market during the simulation with each other.

Simulation Flow

Onboarding Players

Players are ready to make daily generation with assigned power plants for 20 days which are Natural Gas, Coal, Hydroelectric, Wind or Solar, after reviewing the guide on ENSI.

Giving Offer In Daily Market

Players should have indicated daily electricity production and deal price, taking into account published news between 08:00 and 12:00 in the morning.

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Market Announced

When the market price is announced at 13:00, players will be able to see their profits or losses and their final daily productions. In this way, effect of aggregate demand on production and what strategy the other players applied can be analyzed.

Beginning OTC Trading

Players can buy or sell electricity among themselves daily during the simulation in Over The Counter (OTC) Market between 13:00 and 24:00 in the afternoon. In this way, players will be able to improve decision- making skills and increase their income.

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Reporting and Scoring

During the hours when the Market and OTC Trading are closed, players concentrate at their transactions on electricity sales based on graphics. ENSI’ simple scoring is based on improvement in profit and loss. In this way, players compete and will be ranked among themselves.

Feedback Sessions

ENSI’s notification system provides players with real-time feedback for the actions it has to take and during the simulation, 1-1 interviews are provided with player each 5 days to evaluate trends and results of your decisions.

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